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When considering green electricity, pricing can often be at the forefront of our minds. We know it’s good for the environment but it can be expensive.

Most renewable energy suppliers tend to charge premium prices to cover the extra costs they incur to source green electricity. However, at Just Energy, we believe that that if you want to contribute to the environment, you should be rewarded for it. That’s why we offer competitive pricing on our green electricity tariffs, giving you the option to choose to go green without fear of the heavy expenses. 

Carbon neutral energy: Electricity usage in an average Irish household accounts for over 1 tonne of CO2 a year. Our Green Saver offsets 2 tonnes of carbon, helping you to reduce your impact on the environment and make a positive contribution to society.

Kind to your pocket: Our Green Saver is considerably cheaper than most energy company standard variable tariffs.

Planting new trees: For each of our Green Saver customers we plant two new trees, helping to breathe new life into Ireland and its neighbourhoods.


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Our other tariff options include:

Green Server

Rate Saver

  • A low cost option for gas and electricity, fixed for 12 months.
Rate Saver

Rate Watch

  • No ties, with prices that follow the market.
Pay As You Go


  • Fix your bill for 12 months, no matter how much you use.

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