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Marketing and Advertising

At Just Energy we strive to be your trusted advisor and this starts with how we sell and market our products. We would like to make sure you are entirely happy and ensure that we promote our products in a fair and transparent way and protect you against unwanted or misleading advertising.

We will train and review our agent’s performance to guarantee that they do not apply undue pressure in trying to gain you as a customer, or to retain you as a customer. Our agents will not exploit any of your inexperience or vulnerabilities. We will also make sure our agents do not speak negatively of other suppliers and represent the Just Energy values. Any details issued to you through marketing campaigns containing product information both written and verbally will specify the offers details with clarity and will be relevant to the products and services appropriate to your supply.

All marketing information will be complete, accurate and transparent so the information we provide you will be displayed clearly so you are not intentionally mislead. All information provided through marketing and advertising campaigns will be fair in terms of content, the format of presentation and in plain and accessible language.

All available tariff information for residential customers will be published clearly on our website through our Quote and Switch function. We will be honest with you. If we were to quote savings against another supplier’s tariff, we will advise you that these savings are estimated and subject to change so you have full transparency and know what you are signing up for. In addition, if we are aware that the tariff we are comparing against will change in 3 months’ time or less, we will notify you of this fact.

If we are promoting a specific tariff we will let you know how long the offer is guaranteed for and any details of the offer including the period it covers. If this time frame is altered at any point, we will notify you no less than 30 days before the promotion comes to an end. If any specific payment method is required for a tariff this will be clearly outlined to you at the point of sale.

If we are in breach of this code we will credit your account with €30 as per our customer charter. All charter payments will be made within 14 days or within 1 billing period if the redress is given in the form of credit on your account.

Sign Up

When you sign up to just energy, we will ask you to confirm that you are authorised to initiate the transfer. If you wish your new account to be in joint names, we will require permission from the nominated joint account holder before we can do this.

Where you are presented with our tariffs we will detail the type, length and any discounts associated with each tariff. This will allow you to make an informed choice of tariff and identify the one most suitable for you.

At the point of sale we will ask if you have any vulnerabilities, please disclose this information accurately to us as this may have an impact on your services. These will be added to your account either automatically or by an agent and a form will be issued to you. For more information, please see the Vulnerable Customer Code of Practice.

Where an agent takes you through the sale, you will be informed of key information such as the main terms and conditions. All terms and conditions of supply will then be available for you to review in your 14 day cooling off period. Agents will only proceed with a sale if you have clearly consented for them to do so and you understand what you are signing up to.

Once you have selected the tariff you would like to switch to, we will then send you a switch confirmation letter or email, depending on your preference, detailing all relevant information including the terms and conditions and cooling off period rights. It is imperative that you review these.

If you have any questions regarding this matter please get in touch with a customer service agents who will be more than happy to assist you.

Times we will contact you

When contacting you for marketing purposes and you are a residential customer, we will only contact you within specified times. The times we may contact you are listed below:

  • Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm
  • Saturdays 9am to 7pm
We will not contact you on:
  • Sundays
  • Bank Holidays
  • Christmas Eve
If at any point you tell us you do not want to be contacted for marketing purposes we will remove you from our records, we will provide written confirmation of this upon request.

Marketing by telephone

When we call you, our agent will tell you their name, inform you that they are calling from Just Energy and the reason they are calling. When necessary or requested they will provide you with our contact information; including telephone number, email address or address. Once you have confirmed you are happy to take the call, the agent may ask you some security questions. This is to ensure that we are speaking to the right person. At any point you can advise that you do not wish the call to continue and our agents will politely end the call.

Visiting you at home with no pre-arranged appointment

If an agent of ours calls to your home they will inform you of why they are calling and ask if you wish to progress further. Our agents will always carry an Identification badge, this will have a photo of the agent, their name, our business address and our contact telephone number. They should always present this to you at the start of any conversation and inform you of their name and why they are visiting. They should also present this at any time that you request. If at any point you wish our agent to leave they should do so immediately. A standard copy of our doorstep checklist will be provided before we talk you through our services and products. We will ensure you have read and understood this doorstep checklist and actively advise you to ask any questions. If you have chosen to Sign Up with Just Energy you will be left with a cancellation form along with the doorstep checklist, which will allow you to cancel within your 14 day cooling off period. On signing up Just Energy will send you a switch letter and a copy of our terms and conditions, your cooling off period will commence once you have received your switch letter; we expect this to the same day if you have selected online as your communication and 2 days after you have completed your enrolment if you have selected post as your communication. We will ask you clearly to confirm you are happy with the switch as well as the cooling off period start date and the timeframe in which you have to change your mind.

Marketing by electronic communication

We may contact you by SMS or email from time to time for marketing purposes. Below is what you can expect to receive in each contact:


  • Our company name and contact information, including our telephone number, address, email address or other form of electronic contact.
  • An unsubscribe option that prompts us to remove your email address from our records for marketing purposes. You will incur no additional cost to do this.

If you feel that you have not received the service outline above please contact us and we will investigate this matter for you. Please be aware that you may be entitled to redress if we do not meet those standards which are set out within the above document.


  • Our company name
  • An unsubscribe option that prompts us to remove your mobile number from our records for marketing purposes. You will incur no additional cost to do this.

If we are in breach of this code we will credit your account with €30 as per our customer charter. All charter payments will be made within 14 days or within 1 billing period if the redress is given in the form of credit on your account.

If you have any questions relating to Just Energy’s Codes of Practice, please contact us:

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