As of the 15th of May 2020, Just Energy Ireland will cease Irish operations. After this date, all inquiries should be directed to or 041 9874 874


Fixed, variable,
and hybrid rates.

Natural Gas

Clean, efficient energy
for all uses.

Green Energy

Sustainable power;

Bespoke energy contracts

Green Server

Fully Fixed

  • All inclusive
  • No risk
  • Peace of mind
Green Server
Contracts from 1-36 months
Green Server

Semi Fixed

  • Fix most charges
  • Maintain flexibility
Green Server
Quarterly hourly and non-quarterly hourly
Green Server

Energy Only

  • Current market price only
  • Take control
Green Server
Renewable Energy Options

Pass through costs for Business electricity customers as set by CRU

Benefits for your business and the environment

Gas and electricity
product options

Invest in renewable
gas and electricity

Choose Your
Energy Source

Show your customers your
commitment to renewable
energy generation by
taking control of the
source of your electricity.
Choose between wind,
solar or hydro generation
or a mixture of the three

Flexible Contract

Choose a fully fixed, all
inclusive or a flexible
contract for electricity, or
a simple fixed-price
contract for gas


Fix or hedge your price

Direct Debit

Get a discount when you pay
by Direct Debit

Dual Fuel

Get a discount when you
choose Just Energy for your
gas and electricity

Deemed Rates

Deemed Rates apply when you move into a premises where we're the existing supplier and you haven't agreed a Fixed Term Contract with us.

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