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Understanding your bill

Here at Just Energy we will issue bills to all of our business customers on a monthly basis. This billing cycle will be applied to both our Non-Quarter Hourly and Quarter Hourly Commercial Customer’s. If you have contracted for both Electricity and Gas services we will send you separate invoices each month. 

Your bills we confirm your read source/quality – these will be displayed as either Actual Read(s), Estimated Read(s) or Customer Read (for NQH Customers only). The quality of your readings will be displayed on your bill in the following format: ‘A’ = Actual Meter Read, ‘E’ = Estimated Meter Read and ‘C’ = Customer Meter Read. 

       • Readings provided by either ESB Networks (ESBN) or Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) will be shown as an Actual Read (A).

      • Readings that have been estimated by us or the relevant industry body will be shown as an Estimated Read (E).• Readings provided by you will be shown as a Customer Read (C).

For our Non-Quarter Hourly customers we do offer a Read Reminder service – where we can send you a reminder email, advising you to submit a Meter Read before the end of the month. This can help ensure the accuracy of your bill and is something you can elect not to receive. 

We will bill you for energy used at the applicable price/unit rate. Your bill will display the period for which you are being charged, including the date the bill was issued and the date payment is due, along with any outstanding balance on the account. Information you can expect to find on your Bill:

The dates we are billing you for.

The readings we have used.

The consumption you are being billed for.

Any levies that are applicable.

Any other charges in the period (such as meter works).

Payments received.

Balance brought forward from your previous billing period.

Amount due and date if applicable.

If your tariff has changed or there has been a price change, the charges will be clearly identifiable.

We aim to invoice all of our commercial customers at the beginning of every month. If we cannot issue your bill on time and it is delayed by more than 30 days we will contact you to advice of the reason for this delay. This communication may be delivered by email or letter.


Just Energy can support a variety of different payment methods that can help you easily manage the payment of your energy bills. Payment options include:

  • Direct Debit
  • Credit or Debit Card via our automated phone service
  • Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs)
  • Payzone outlet.


You may be requested to pay a deposit on sign up. For each new commercial application that we receive, we will complete a credit check to establish whether or not a deposit is required. Our credit check reviews the industry risk and payment history for each customer.  

If we do request a deposit, it will be retained until either the contract ends or will be returned at our discretion, based on the customer’s adherence to our payment terms and other factors. If you are unable to meet your credit terms, we will advise you of the steps required to improve your credit worthiness and the actions needed in order for a security deposit to no longer be required. 

If we are in breach of this code we will credit your account with €30 as per our customer charter. All charter payments will be made within 14 days or within one billing period if the redress is given in the form of credit on your account.

Moving premises or changing supplier

In the event that you move premises please download our Change of Tenancy (CoT) Form and send it into will ask you to provide us with certain information regarding the change of occupancy, this information will include: the date you moved out, your forwarding address, your final meter readings (for our Non-Quarter Hourly customers only), the name of the new occupier or, if rented, the name and contact details of the landlord.

Once you have informed us that you are no longer liable for the property, or that you are changing supplier, we will produce your final bill within six weeks. Your account will be closed when all monies due are paid or a refund processed.


Here at Just Energy we are committed to working with our customers to ensure that support is provided to those who have real difficulty paying their bills. We will only disconnect a supply as a last resort, after all other payment recovery avenues have been exhausted.

Please ensure that you are open with us regarding any payment difficulties you are having. We are committed to working with you to help ensure a manageable plan is put in place. We will endeavour to contact you multiple times via phone and in writing before we commence the disconnection process. These communications are an opportunity for you to advise us of any difficulties you are experiencing. If an appropriate plan cannot be reached, after these communications have been made, then we will proceed with the disconnection process.

Circumstances for the disconnection of a supply:

  • Non-payment of account, where all other avenues have been exhausted. Such as a Payment Plan that is not adhered to and/or no active communication from yourself.
  • No registered occupant at the property – If we do not have a registered occupant after 14 days then we can start the Disconnection procedure.
  • The account holder has requested the disconnection of the supply.
  • ESB Networks or Gas Networks Ireland may disconnect for safety and/or operational reasons.

Circumstances where we will not disconnect your supply

  • We have agreed a payment plan and this is being adhered to.
  • You have an open complaint regarding the bill in question.
  • Where the bill has been based on an estimate that is not fair – please note this will not apply if access to read the meter has been refused.

Our disconnection process – for non-payment customers

Please be aware disconnection for non-payment is a last resort that is only initiated where the customer fails to agree to make payment or fails to agree to a payment plan and where they continue to accrue debt on their account.

  • We will first notify you in writing, by way of letter, of our intention to disconnect your supply.
  • We will provide you with at least 10 working days’ notice, advising on the date of disconnection.
  • Our notice will specify the reason for the disconnection and our contact details to facilitate payment discussions.
  • We will subsequently try to contact you at least twice via email and/or phone. And these communications will be a minimum of 3 working days apart to allow time for response and also payment.
  • You will be advised of the cost of the disconnection and also any reconnection costs. Costs may also apply if we have to cancel the appointment or there is no access of which you will also be informed.
  • Payment will not be accepted by the operative who is performing the disconnection.

Payment plans

Please ensure that you are open with us regarding any payment difficulties you are having. Here at Just Energy we are committed to working with our customers to ensure that support is provided to those who have real difficulty paying their bills. We can set up agreed payment plans to help support our customers. Please be aware, if you do not make us aware of your situation we cannot work with you to determine a plan that is both realistic and manageable.

Reconnection of supply – for non-payment customers

If we have disconnected your supply we will commence the reconnection process once we have received full payment of all outstanding debt or a payment plan is agreed. We may require a security deposit before we agree to reconnect your supply. This will be repaid after 12 months of positive account credit history.

Our disconnection process - for ‘no contract’

Where the previous occupier has moved out of the premise we will letter the site in order to request the details of the new occupier. The new occupier will be responsible for the electricity used at site. Failure to respond to Just Energy communications may result in disconnection of the supply.

We will allow 14 days, in order to open up lines of communication with the occupier. If after 14 days we have no registered account holder we will issue a 10 working day notice for disconnection of supply. All charges associated to the disconnection will be passed through to the occupier.

Reconnection of supply - for ‘no contract’

We will commence the Reconnection process once a formal contract has been signed and any associated disconnection charges are paid in full.

If you have any questions relating to Just Energy’s Codes of Practice, please contact us:

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