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General Terms

Distribution Group (DG)

This identifies the type of connection that your meter has to the electricity network.

Meter Configuration Code (MCC)

This identifies the type of meter you have.


The profile number defines the usage pattern of your meter.

Deemed Rates

Deemed Rates apply when you move into a premise where we're the existing supplier and you haven't agreed a Fixed Term Contract with us. In these cases you can get a better deal by getting in touch with us. We'll also contact you with options to move to one of our other price plans or an alternative that is suitable for your business.

Extended Supply

If your fixed term contract with us comes to an end and you haven't agreed a renewal with us or provided a termination notice, you will be placed on our Extended Supply Rates. If you would like to discuss a new Fixed Term Contract please get in touch with us.

Public Service Obligation (PSO)

PSO is an energy tax that is applied to all electricity customers. The PSO levy was designed by the Government and supports national policy objectives relating to Renewable Energy.

Distribution Use of Systems (DUoS)

DUoS charges are the associated costs that comes with maintaining the electricity and gas distribution networks. These charges are generated by ESB Networks or Gas Networks Ireland, the bodies responsible for distributing power and gas to your business.

Transmissions Use of Systems (TUoS)

TUoS charges are the associated cost that comes with maintaining the transmission networks for electricity and gas. The charges are generated by Eirgrid, who are the body responsible for the transmission of power.

Carbon Tax

A Government tax that was introduced in 2010 and is applied to all gas customers and is charged based on the consumption of natural gas and all sources of CO2 emissions. It will show on each bill as a separate line item.

Understanding Your Bill


Meter Point Reference Number: A unique identifier for your supply, referred to as MPRN, a supply number and M Number.


Gas Point Reference Number: A unique identifier for your supply, referred to as GPRN, a supply number and G Number.

Account Number

Your unique customer identifier, please quote this in all correspondence with Just Energy.

Usage Charges

Details of the kWh consumption across the meter periods and meter registers. Also shows the total kWhs used and the cost associated with each usage period.

Standing Charge

This is a fixed cost, paid in addition to usage charges, for electricity and gas. Standing charges cover costs like meter reading visits, maintenance, and connection to the energy network and, in the case of gas, emergency services.

Capacity Charge

The Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) is the maximum load that the site is contracted to import from the electricity network. The capacity is measured in kilovolt Amperes (kVA) and a charge is levied on your agreed MIC. The Maximum Daily Quantity (MDQ) refers to the maximum quantity of gas that a site is contracted to take from the gas network on any one day. This value is set by Gas Networks Ireland and a levy is charged to support the natural gas distribution and transmission systems.

Low Power Factor (Wattless) Charge

Reactive or Wattless power refers to the electricity used to keep your equipment on standby, or the electricity lost powering up and/or down of your equipment at site. You will only receive charges for Wattless Power if they exceed one third of your overall consumption.

Excess MIC

If you exceed your Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) we will pass through the associated Network Operator charges for this additional use.

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